Yesterday, today was just a dream.

The revolutionary TOURER CUV.
Maximum driving pleasure. The height of enjoyment.

The revolutionary TOURER CUV combines the best of both worlds in a new class

Multifunctional interior

for holidays and daily life

Urban manoeuvrability and flexibility

thanks to compact dimensions

Fully equipped motorhome

for up to 4 people

Experience the revolutionary TOURER CUV with its innovative lifting roof concept. With ultra‐compact dimensions while driving, the roof unfolds to a full 2.17 metres of interior space at the destination. Full camping comfort awaits you there for maximum holiday freedom. This is a real camping all‐rounder. This is a true caravanning utility vehicle.

A new dimension of enjoyment: the CUV pop-up roof

Already the benchmark for tomorrow, today

The pop-up roof in detail

They are coordinated in such a way that easy handling and high comfort are guaranteed even under demanding conditions.
The bellows: Insulated, waterproof, one-piece woven!

Innovative HYONIC material: The bellows were specially developed for use in the TOURER CUV. It is woven in one piece and sewn with only one seam at the tail – for maximum tightness and safety! The fabric consists of a multi‐layer structure with a waterproof membrane and insulating layer. Thanks to its hydrophobic finish, the bellows is also resistant to moisture and mould.

The mechanics: Simple and safe

The high‐quality solution: Electric linear motors raise the roof evenly and safely. Thanks to modern electrical mechanics, conventional gas pressure systems with mechanical scissors can be dispensed with. The advantages are obvious: Easy operation at the touch of a button, high stability and optimum reliability – even under demanding conditions.

The roof shell: Robust and easy to repair

The upper panel of the lifting roof is made of a robust, one‐piece glass fibre composite with an insulating EPS core. The multi‐layer construction is particularly stable, lightweight and easy to repair if necessary. While driving, the roof rests neatly to efficiently minimise wind noise.

The innovative design combines everyday life and holidays

Two worlds, one vehicle

Exterior details

A perfect fit

More aerodynamics for maximum driving pleasure. The closed pop‐up roof blends seamlessly and safely into the dynamic design of the TOURER CUV.

Generous living and storage space

Compact dimensions for maximum enjoyment – thanks to its clever design, the TOURER CUV offers a multifunctional interior for holidays and everyday life.

Impressive headroom

Fully extendable for maximum headroom – when the pop‐up roof is in the camping position, it creates an impressive living room with 217 cm of headroom throughout.

Excellent dynamics

Tight bends and narrow lanes are no problem for the TOURER CUV. The compact dimensions of the VW T6.1 „Bulli“ base vehicle guarantee maximum driving comfort.

Automotive rear

The dynamic rear of the vehicle impresses with the unmistakable CATEYE evolution LED lights and modern bridge light. Thanks to the innovative FoldXpand construction, the living space is maximised and fully utilised with the same external dimensions.

Urban explorer on the outside, adventurous camper at heart

Feel good without compromise

Family car in everyday life, junior suite on holiday: the TOURER CUV is ready for your adventures – be it on your own while commuting or full of passengers while on a family holiday.

The Face-2-Face seating group

More space for family and friends: In the Face‐2‐Face seating group in the 500 LT floor plan, everyone finds their space.

Compact seating group

The interior with its compact seating area, modern layout and light‐coloured furniture invites you to linger in the 500 MQ.

Swivel cab seats

The swivelling cab seats expand the space in the seating group. In addition, the seating group in the 500 LT can be converted into a spacious double bed.

The TOURER CUV and TOURER CUVision upholstery fabrics

Available at extra cost.
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.
Exclusively for the TOURER CUVision

Kitchen details

Compact kitchen comfort

Everything in, everything on: In the compact kitchen, amateur chefs and cooking professionals feel right at home.

Everything in its place

From cutlery to cooking pots: Kitchen utensils can be neatly stored in the spacious drawers.

Fresh holiday enjoyment

Whether cool drinks or fresh vegetables: The large refrigerator supplies you with everything your culinary heart desires on the road.

Practical storage cupboard

Always well equipped, even on the road: Food and ingredients are always at hand in the large storage cupboard.

Storage space, but variable please!

Versatile loadable

The storage bag can be loaded with everything that needs to be stored safely and neatly. Large compartments help keep things tidy.

Handy and transportable

Whether on the beach or at the barbecue area: With a flick of the wrist, the storage bag is always at hand. Handles and shoulder straps increase carrying comfort.

Always the best solution

Whether on the road or at the destination: The variable storage pockets can be flexibly placed on or under the storage surface. This means they are fully usable even when the roof is retracted.

Variable sizes

Precisely tailored to your requirements: The storage bag is available in different sizes, which you can place flexibly in the vehicle.

The bathroom in the TOURER CUV – a big solution in a small space

Space utilisation on a new level

The bathroom in detail

Spacious room bathroom

Plenty of space for relaxed moments: The spacious bathroom in the 500 LT convinces with its generous layout and plenty of storage space.

Always at eye level

The variable mirror cabinet offers plenty of storage space and is flexibly height‐adjustable. This means you can look deep into each other's eyes even with the roof extended at full standing height.

Making optimum use of a small space

The shower enclosure that grows with you: Just like the roof, the shower in the TOURER CUV can be unfolded to its full standing height.

Multifunctional solutions

Perfect use of space thanks to well thought‐out solutions: The washbasin can be moved individually, the shower is completely retracted – so there is always enough space for both.

Relax in a dreamy ambience

It’s even cosier „upstairs”

The sleeping area in detail

Sleeping in the rear bed

Comfortable and convenient: the rear transverse bed uses the entire width of the vehicle – creating a huge berth.

Sleeping at the front

In the front, the optional fold‐down bed offers a huge sunbathing area for big and small „tourers“! 

Sleeping in the dinette

In just a few easy steps, the Face‐2‐Face seating group in the TOURER CUV 500 LT converts into a double bed.

From the heart of the city to the middle of nowhere – the TOURER CUV makes you feel at home everywhere!

All the day‐to‐day practicality you need – all the freedom you want. This is the height of CUV enjoyment.

On the road, the TOURER CUV is as manoeuvrable as an urban‐class vehicle; when stationary, it is a fully fledged motorhome with space for up to four people.

This makes it the ideal daily driver and the perfect leisure vehicle for exciting getaways – for maximum driving pleasure and the height of holiday enjoyment!


  • Manoeuvrable and flexible with full camping credentials
  • Innovative pop-up roof concept with minimum headroom of 2.17 metres
  • Multifunctional interior for holidays and daily life


Uncompromising well‐being in two different floor plans

The TOURER CUV offers you two unique and innovative floor plans that sleeps up to four comfortably, is well equipped and provides a cozy ambience so that you can enjoy your holiday completely – in the big city or the great outdoors.


Start 360° tour

  • Transverse bed in the rear
  • Innovative Xpand bathroom
  • Huge rear garage


Overall length: 589 cm
Overall width exterior: 216 cm
Seat belt secured seats: up to 4
Height interior: 147 cm
Interior height with open roof: 217 cm
Height exterior: 228 cm

Additional information


Start 360° tour

  • Face‐2‐Face seating group
  • Generous sense of space
  • Large rear storage space


Overall length: 589 cm
Overall width exterior: 216 cm
Seat belt secured seats:  bis zu 4
Height interior: 147 cm
Interior height with open roof: 217 cm
Height exterior: 228 cm

Additional information

Discover the revolutionary TOURER CUV in the CUVision special edition model.

Equipment highlights
  • More comfort and safety thanks to its automatic transmission and extensive driver‐assistance systems
  • Dynamic chassis and bodywork in Ascot grey and standard 17“ Devonport alloy wheels
  • Unique design highlights on the exterior with exclusive product graphics and a sporty bridge light
  • Stylish interior with atmospheric LED ambient lighting and embroidered upholstery details
Price saving

500 MQ
Vehicle including special model equipment: 113.387,00 € *
Special model price: 94.990,00 € *
Saving: 18.397,00 € *


500 LT
Vehicle including special model equipment: 112.889,00 € *
Special model price: 94.990,00 € *
Saving: 17.899,00 € *

TOURER CUV wins European Innovation Award

European caravanning experts at the renowned European Innovation Award agree, the TOURER CUV convinces across the board and awards it best “Overall Concept Van” at the 2023 CMT in Stuttgart.